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The work of our students and graduates.

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Natalia Mizera, Piotr Pośpieszyński, Dorian Bąk, Anita Pisarek, Aleksandra Owidzka, Natalia Bednarek, Daria Sikorska, Iza Rybczyńska, Kasia Bukowska

Natalia Mizera - digital profession

Natalia Mizera, a graduate of the Fashion Industry School Complex; she graduated from a class with a profile of digital techniques of graphic processes. Drawing has long been her passion, which she could successfully develop in professional classes, as well as in extracurricular classes. He likes to create portraits the most, but she tries her hand at various techniques. She is also interested in fashion, art and the surrounding world. Natalia's plans are to start studying floristry, where she will be able to develop her manual skills. Who knows, maybe someday her dream of working in an interesting place will come true.


Piotr Pośpieszyński - photographic profession

Piotr Pośpieszyński – a fourth grade student in the 2019-2020 school year in the field of phototechnics. Piotr, despite his young age, already has an extensive portfolio. As you can see below, photo shoots are his specialty. He also deals with reportage photography and typical concert reports. He is also expanding his portfolio and knowledge as a photojournalist for the  website about Łódź : Galancie o Łodzi.



 Dorian Bąk - photographic profession

Dorian Bąk -- a student of the last photography and multimedia class. Photographer, camera operator on the ground and in the air. A person not afraid of challenges related to digital image recording. He likes to create unconventional photos and break the rules, but also has an approach to photography as a craftsman. You will find him in one of the largest photographic studios in Lodz. (Studio Łódź). He also takes photos for one of the Łódź editorial offices. He likes event and landscape photography of cities with very high, hard to reach places. He also finds himself very well in studio photography, from product to image photography.




Anita Pisarek - clothing profession

Anita Pisarek – a graduate of our technical college. She loves challenges but also basic style.  Anita, in addition, stylizes photo sessions. At the time of writing, he has not only designs of original users, but also two large fashion shows, including one on the representative street of Łódź - Piotrkowska. Her collections and development are available on the blog run by



Aleksandra Owidzka - "From Dusk to Dawn" Collection - clothing profession. Photo: Piotr Pośpieszyński


Aleksandra Owidzka - a student of the third grade of technical high school in the school year 2019-2020 in the field of fashion industry technician.

She is a fashion designer with great aspirations. So far she has created and presented four original collections. Aleksandra, despite her young age, is a very ambitious person. It is not surprising that by participating in several fashion contests, she won awards, a silver place and an audience award. Her development and passion can be seen on her channel “Fashion is a lifestyle”


Natalia Bednarek - photographic profession

Natalia Bednarek - a graduate of our school "infected" with passion for photography, full of sensitivity and great charisma. From 2019 as a photography and multimedia technician she  confirmed that this profession is for creative and curious people of the world. Natalia takes photographs because she needs to express emotions and feelings and to show her perception of reality, because she wants to convey something to the world. Taking photos allows her express her creativity. Her expression has already become independent and conscious. She is a successful  laureate and finalist of many competitions. She was also awarded in the prestigious International Photographic Competition "Mathematics in a lens", where she was qualified for a post-competition exhibition organized by the University of Szczecin. Natalia is a four-time winner of photographic competitions as part of FETA - the Festival of Expression of Amateur Artists organized by the 26th High School in Łódź and the winner of the first place in the 15th NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION named after Jan Bułhak: "Landscapes around my city".

Daria Sikorska - photographic profession

I am a person who has an unusual imagination.
I have always been fascinated by wolves and that is why I have been drawing them most often for 11 years. I didn't learn drawing from scratch, I am self-taught. I always created what I had in my mind.
For as long as I can remember I loved to create my own characters. Most often they were animals or feral (on four legs, but with human rituals, i.e. going to school, talking, playing the console, etc.) or anthro (mostly human, but also animals).
I draw only from my imagination.
Some time ago, I began to study human and animal anatomy myself and combine it into one.
Soon the first orders from people interested in my graphics appeared.
I've never seen myself drawing in a realistic way, so I went towards a fairy-tale animation.
At some point, I began to wonder if anyone also creates such characters and decided to search the Internet. I found out what group of people I belong to and what I do. - I create furry art. I belong to the furry group.

Iza Rybczyńska - digital profession

As I remember, I started drawing when I was 3 years old. They were animals, most often dogs. At the age of about 7, I started to draw my own pokemon-like creatures. I invented stories that they could have experienced and finally when I was in the 4th grade in primary school I started to write these stories. Unfortunately, I lost almost all stories from that period. In the 5th grade, I started to write them in one notebook, with an illustration under each of them. Heroes often changed in stories. It wasn't until the 6th grade that the main heroine was a human, so it was only then that I began to draw people. The drawing style was similar to manga. In July 2019, I started to draw in a style similar to realistic.

Kasia Bukowska - digital profession

My story related to drawing had its beginning in kindergarten. Using graphics, I presented what was in my head. Dragons were my favorite "models" almost from the beginning, but my first drawing was ... pokemon. Although I don’t consider myself a wonderful artist, I strive to deepen my skills. I would like to be able to draw both realistically and in a typical comic way. Music is my strongest inspiration. Listening to songs, I often visualize a character who would match the appearance and character of the song. I have been interested in animated films since my early childhood, and from the second year of junior high school I know that I want to go in this direction.

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