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The beginning of School Year


After two months of rest, after many days filled with joy, the day came when - as every year - we welcome the school and the new school year. For many of us it is a special day: a new class, new friends and an opportunity to make new friends. And what is the most important - a chance to gain many skills and experience.

We went on vacation, rested, gained strength and returned to the school walls eagerly.

Greetings are addressed to all students, and in particular to fourth grade students who will take their Matura exams this year. We wish the exams would be easy for them and that this last year at our school would not only be hard work, but also pleasure and fun.

 We do not forget about our first graders! The beginnings will certainly not be easy, but we believe that our school will become your school and that learning in it will be fruitful and enjoyable for you. We are glad that you joined our ranks and you will co-create a good tradition of our school.


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