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Sewing room only for professionals

On September 26, 2019, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, students of 2A grade took part in another meeting organized by the producers of machines and clothing devices. Later students had the opportunity to see all the exhibited machines.

Furthermore, students learnt about the modern ironing stand. Ironing is one of the final stages of clothing production. Proper performance of the operation has a huge impact on the appearance and thus on the quality of the final product. The efficiency of this process depends on a significant number of machines and devices that guarantee quality and compliance.

The automatic sewing machine for packaging with two insets is very popular. Human work is necessary for positioning elements and incision of roses and their attachment. Pockets of this type are used in jackets and coats.

Another large machine we could see was the blind stitch machine for finishing product pits. Our students had access to check the comfort of work on these machines.

An interesting fact for the students was the machine embroidering large field.

Text : Ewa Tomaszewska.





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