Patronage: Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design at the Lodz University of Technology.

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Fashion Industry Technician

Learning in technical secondary school profession (technician of the fashion industry) you will learn: manual design, embroidery, making holes and sewing buttons, but the most interesting will be sewing. We have modern clothing machines and devices at our disposal.


We will operate a quilting machine with a computer-managed sewing cycle, a buttonhole machine on the same dependent hole pattern. On a button sewing machine, instead of bothering manually, you will sew on buttons of various sizes and patterns. The machine will do it for you quickly and precisely. Buttonhole and buttonhole machines are cyclic machines. See how in one cycle the machine handles with one task, and after finishing the work it will turn off the thread itself and even can cut the hole. For finishing knitted products we have double needle blind stitching machines or a rendering machine but you can also use a machine that is sewing with a decorative stitch. The initiative belongs to students. Sewed products are available to be ironed on all irons, ensuring comfort and quality of work. We have a cutting room equipped with cutting machines and devices. These are just some of our machines. The machinery park is constantly growing.

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Text: Ewa Tomaszewska

Photo: Piotr Pośpieszyński

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